Find the best karaoke places nyc
Find theI will show you the best karaoke places nyc

About Kaju:

Find the Best Karaoke Places in NYC

Find the I will show you the best karaoke places nyc

Greetings Ladies and Gents!

Thank You for joining me on “Karaoke Pub Crawl”, a most unique 3-hour Tour of the Big Apple turned into a You Tube Channel, where we visit the best karaoke places NYC. Through our travels, you will also get to experience some unknown hidden gems of the NYC Karaoke scene.

I am a passionate New Yorker, pro musician, and local Karaoke Celebrity Regional Winner who appeared on ABC-TV’s “Karaoke Battle USA” and was once interviewed by John Berman on the Emmy-winning “ABC News Nightline.”

Kaju on WGBB Radio
Kaju with Off the Hook band

And I know all the BEST karaoke places in NYC, as I have been singing (and crashing) all of them for over a decade!

Karaoke Battle USA
Kaju on ABC Nightline
Kaju Northeast Regional winner

How do you think I landed a spot on “Karaoke Battle USA”?

Not only am I a local karaoke celebrity and regional winner who has appeared on ABC-TV, I am a true authority on karaoke pub crawling. I once won 23 FREE Drinks and broke the machine (and the local K-Bar!).

A Passion for Music and Travel

My career has always been in live music. For 20 years, I was a band leader and guitarist performing at over 1500 events. I’ve traveled the world and visited many different countries. Everywhere I’ve gone from Tibet, to Singapore, to Bora Bora, to China, to Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, and to Italy I have made it my business to perform onstage with some of the best local musicians.

Kaju on cover of the Daily Single
Kaju at Capital Theater
The best karaoke places nyc host with Kaju

Performing music and entertaining has always been my passion throughout my life.

Oddly I’ve always considered myself a guitarist and NOT a singer, until that night I won 23 Free Drinks at the local K-Bar!

Gospelfest Center
One of the best karaoke places nyc
Find shopping to play in one of the best karaoke places nyc

Now I live to show others the truly “hidden gems” of New York City urban culture. 

So come join me on this karaoke pub crawl!

We will visit the best karaoke places nyc
We will have a great time singing st the best karaoke places nyc

Whether you are just visiting the Big Apple for the first time or are a long-time New Yorker,

I guarantee you this will be a Truly One-of-a-Kind New York experience!

Come join our Tour and let me show you the Best Karaoke Places in NYC...

Get Ready for a Slammin’ Good Time!

I will show you the best karaoke places nyc

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