Wanna Buy a Karaoke Singing Machine?

Wanna Buy a Karaoke Singing Machine?

"Wanna Buy a Karaoke Singing Machine?" Those are words I never thought I would ever hear.

Yet these were precisely the words I heard from an over enthusiastic yet seductive salesperson who approached me while I was casually browsing through a large local electronics store. 

As we deeply dig our heels in this digital age, even to this day I am old soul. Definitely a throwback. I still love the tactile sensation of books and old-fashioned things.

And in the same parallel sense, I still love walking into a real store to try out anything and everything I am looking to purchase.

No doubt at that moment,  I was a man on a mission. I was possessed with an effusive sense of urgency to buy some type of karaoke singing machine. She definitely must have sensed my strong intent of purpose miles away as she "zoned in" on me like a rat on a cheetos puff. 

After all, this followed the day that would forever change my life.

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